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A Blueprint For Promoting Academic And Social Competence In After-school Programs

RRP $247.99

School activities alone are not always sufficient to ensure children's academic progress or socio-emotional development and well-being. And the time when many children typically have the least adult supervision - immediately after school - is also the time that they are at the highest risk to act as perpetrators or become victims of antisocial behavior.

Throughout A Blueprint for Promoting Academic and Social Competence in After-School Programs, which focuses on children in grades 1 through 6, noted experts identify the best practices of effective programs and pinpoint methods for enhancing school-based skills and making them portable to home and neighborhood settings. This volume:

  • Analyzes the concepts central to effective after-school programs.
  • Offers developmental, cognitive, and social ecology perspectives on how children learn.
  • Features more than 100 exercises that develop young people's capabilities for academic, social, moral, and emotional learning - These exercises are ready to use or can be adapted to students' unique needs.
  • Emphasizes young people's development as students and as productive members of society during middle to late childhood and early adolescence.
  • Presents explicit theory and evidence that can be used to explain the value of after-school programs for budget proposals.

This important book will find an appreciative, ready audience among the program directors who design after-school curricula, the educators who implement them, the mental health and social work professionals who help staff them, and the current crop of graduate students who will create the next generation of programs.

Successful Prevention Programs For Children And Adolescents

RRP $546.99

Successful Prevention Programs for Children and Adolescents presents a wide variety of exemplary programs addressing behavioral and social problems, school failure, drug use, injuries, child abuse, physical health, and other critical issues. The validity and generality of each study's results are given special attention, and outcomes involving actual behavioral change are emphasized. A special appendix lists resources on prevention, including other texts, special journal issues, national clearinghouses, resource centers containing videos and curriculum materials, and Web sites.

Social Security Programs And Retirement Around The World

RRP $238.00

In many countries, social security and related government programs provide strong incentives for workers to leave the labor force at a young age. Research has shown that disability insurance programs can play a large role in the departure of older persons from the labor force, as many workers pass through disability insurance on their path from employment to retirement. But what is the real effect that disability insurance programs have on labor-force participation in different countries? InSocial Security Programs and Retirement Around the World, renowned economist David A. Wise authoritatively tackles this question. Fifth in the series, this volume's research encompasses the globe, traveling from Belgium to Canada to Japan and the United States, and covers the provisions of disability insurance programs as well as other pathways to retirement in over twelve countries. Presented in an easily comparable way, the findings inSocial Security Programs and Retirement Around the World have profound implications for how the provisions of a country's disability insurance program affect retirement.


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